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I agree with Aridity. If you want to collect information, there are many posts in this section of the forum that might help you and I can also repost mine below. But if you are looking for the best medication, I am afraid there is none, except lamotrigine + SSRI which doesn't work 100% and not for everybody. Otherwise people's reactions are very different depending on each med, it's a mess. It's not like with alcohol where most people simply get drunk roughly in the same way. Here one thing can cure someone, and it can do nothing but strong side effects for another person and there is no pattern. You often find people who say "this is crap, don't even try it", or "I tried this and it cured me, you need to try it", but I really don't think this is how it works so far.

About medication, I tried
- sertraline alone (SSRI),
-Lithium (mood regulator). And all the while on lithium, I have tried (in italics) :
- risperidone (antipsychotic) + one month of seresta (benzo)
- amisulpride (antipsychotic)
- zyprexa (antipsychotic), and all the while on zyprexa + lithium I have tried
- zyprexa + 100 mg lamotrigine (mood regulator + ...) + naltrexone 6 mg occasionally
- abilify (antipsychotic)
- haldol (antipsychotic)
- effexor (SSRI)
- ceroplex (SSRI)
- prozac (SSRI)
- lamotrigine

  • lamotrigine 300 mg + half dose of ceroplex
  • naltrexone 25 mg without anything else

The very first one removed my DPDR but gave me too strong side effects. The last one helped me a little, but gave me too strong side effects.

Other than prescription medication I have tried saint john's wort (plant that possibly works like an SSRI) and some very common probiotics I forgot the name of.

I have also tried many years of regular meditation practice. I have also done other things not with the purpose of getting rid of DPDR but I have heard other people suggest they could help and these things did not help me, like: exercising regularly, from a little to a lot, both cardio and high load, not masturbating and no pornography for periods of up to two years, sleeping more, spending a lot of time with people, living with people, living alone, reduced screen time, psychotherapy, long vacations, eating healthy (which is my standard, but not eating healthy didn't make a difference either).

I don't think the lack of response here means that people necessarily didn't try any serious lifestyle changes. Perhaps people will not respond just because the forum hasn't been very active at all lately, plus there are not so many long time sufferers around.

Sure. I was prescribed sertraline even though I suspected i had a mild mood disorder, and apparently it is well know it should not be prescribed to people who have a mood disorder because it can cause a manic episode. I had some very pleasant feelings 45 minutes after taking it that lasted a few hours. Then strong insomnia starting the first night and maybe something like hypervigilence. It increased gradually, and I felt weird and my dpdr started decreasing on the third day, and then I got a few auditory hallucinations. On the fourth day my dpdr was gone. I did feel some numbness, like impossibility to cry although I felt "good" sadness coming up, which was frustrating (I've heard the same from a couple other people on some forum). Also rapid decrease in libido and sexual numbness and impossibility to reach orgasm. So I took it only four times and had to stop because of the side effects, mainly the hallucinations and hypervigilence. And also a lot of nausea.
But this is really not typical from the several testimonies i have read. Also a friend took the same dosage (50 mg/day) and was absolutely fine and had zero side effects even after a month. So I think there is a lot of variability.
My psychiatrist told me that typically when people have side effects like nausea and insomnia it lasts for the first week or so (not sure about the duration) and then it gets better. But the hallucinations are really not typical but they told me it is probably a sign of a manic episode, which means I can't take SSRIs alone, without a mood regulator.
I also read about post SSRI sexual dysfunction, PSSD, which is permanent sexual problems even after the meds are discontinued. I read some scientific articles saying it is super rare but that it seems it does exist and is not understood. My then psychiatrist laughed about it but some people online said it happened to them. I decided to try it anyways because it's rare.
Overall my mood was better during the treatment, and very good when my dpdr was gone.

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lamotrigine cured mine. If I've forgotten to take it I will have symptoms of brain fog which lead to dr/dp in the evening. The cause of mine is POTS. I wear compression socks to help keep my blood pressure high. You can test yourself by simple laying down or sitting and check your heart rate. Then stand up and check it. If your heart rate increases by around 30bpm it's a good sigh you have it. Darren.

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I would appreciate any suggestion :)
This is an older post, but the best medication I was on for anxiety was Klonopin and Lithium.

It worked at first, and then pooped out on expected.

The tranquilizers (Benzos) tend to work well, but they have a tendency to poop out and backfire. I had to come off the klonopin.

Some ppl find neuroleptics good, but...
Everyone is so different, and hard to say exactly what will help.

I hope you found something that helps.
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