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Whether our current world is real or not, I cannot deny what I see and feel everyday. This world is my experience and as such is my reality. Over the years, at times I knew things didn't feel right and wondered if there was something wrong with me because I seen something that everyone else seemed to not see or ignored. I blended in with society really well, but eventually I got to a point where I could not stand the lies and bullshit and I wasn't going to turn a blind eye anymore. We just "know" when something is off. Maybe it is intuition. I don't know if everyone feels it or just some people. Maybe people are too afraid to speak up in fear of being an outcast. I was, but not anymore. Wars. Like many people, I never paid much attention to wars before. They were just something that happened elsewhere and not my problem. Now I see them everyday between people. People controlling through manipulation, or verbally betraying one another projecting the fact that they themselves feel worthless. I even catch myself do it. We all do it. There's an entity that causes this. The Ego I suspect. People will go to great lengths just to look good in front of other people to protect an image. I suspect the Persona. People working tons of overtime to pay for a huge house just so they will look good to the public, meanwhile their health is going downhill because of stress. Hello? If you die you won't be making any impressions to anyone. This scenario is not making a living, it's creating a dying and for what? Nothing. All this is absurd, it's right in front of our face and we can't see it. THIS is the false world to me. How could it not be? The earth, nature and the physical world are reality. When I look at the extremely advanced design of our bodies, and things in nature I cannot deny that something or someone brilliant designed everything. There was thought put into everything we see in nature and not one detailed missed. How can all that be the illusion? At least it is more real than the contradictions we live, that is for sure. The Hinduism theory of God is about the unknowable and knowable and how everything is connected and of unifying opposite thoughts. Duality disappears when the truth is known. I believe this because I have had all these thoughts without knowing Hinduism theory. Not from blind faith, but from my own subjective experience I have went through and still go through what psychologist Carl Jung calls the Individuation process. Duality disappears when a person does Shadow work reclaiming the parts rejected by the persona. Integrating my Animus. Going back into the psyche and reclaiming all the fragments generated by childhood trauma and bringing the emotional intelligence up to par with the mental intelligence. Scrutinizing my belief system. Do you see what is happening here? Integration into a whole (could illusion be all these parts of the personality?). Balancing and expansion. Same consciousness cannot look at itself, but must move to a higher level before it can look back on itself and know what it is. This is what knowable and unknowable means to me. It's just levels of consciousness and levels of consciousness contribute to illusions - Maya. This Individuation process has expanded my mind immensely and has taken me into seemingly vast realms of consciousness. I could see in my mind's eye how everything was connected. I am well aware this could be called Disassociation. I cringe when I talk of my experience in fear of being labelled crazy and yet I know that I am not. I can't say I haven't wondered about it at times though. I didn't initiate a religious experience within myself, it all just happened. I didn't even think about God until October 2008. I just spontaneously woke up one day and God was on my mind. No one was telling me about God or I would have told them to take their religion someplace else. I could also relate my experience to the theory of "Dark Night of the Soul" which was written by St. John of the Cross, and with "Ego and the Dynamic Ground" a transpersonal psychology book written by Michael Washburn. I seen my experience in both theories.

I can honestly say I don't see duality as much as I used to. Reality is just relative to which angle you are looking at it from anyways. I guess I simply look at things from many different angles.

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Feb 15 2011 01:47 AM

There are as many angles on reality as there are people having lived here on earth. You've had the pleasure of being so within that you are without. DP. I've found God in my way. Will I ever believe in God in any traditional sense? Nah. That a conscious being created this? Then why the hell is he here? Someone must have created HIM, right? I boiled God down to 'sense of purpose', which you can find in anything. Family, friends, art, material consumption. I dunno. I like the word God. I like the idea of God. And I agree that everything is connected, even one. I see this planet as God. It is the perfect example of life itself. One big being, being in as many ways as possible, just to be. Why? will never ever ever be answered, and that's a good thing. What is life as a human without wonder? Anyways, we're pretty lucky, I can't see any planet nearby half as beautiful as this one.

Anyways, I'm glad to see you exploring yourself deeply. And then also saddened. I've always felt a bit unfortunate to be human. No animal has arisen on this planet as destructive as the human. It's 'cause we're so afraid of death. Far far too self-aware. I just don't think that's how it should be. Then again, we made it here somehow. There is now way it should be. Blah blah.

Thank you for this blog. Got me thinking. 'Animus'? Carl Jung. Hinduism. Asians know what the hell they're talkin' about. Anyways, sorry I got all selfish on your blog and might not have hit the right points for a proper reply.

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Feb 15 2011 03:43 PM

I am not religious in the traditional sense either.

I almost look at the Bible as a Science Book and I just try to decipher what it all means. It's a riddle to be solved and may even contain the secrets of Life.

I have often thought have we made God in OUR image, or are we in HIS image?

If God is the universe, and we are a fragment of that universe, than we are a fragment of God.

God is IN us and us IN him. He IS us, but we are not the WHOLE of him, only a part of him.

Recently I read some of the Lost Books of the Bible and there was one in there supposedly written by Adam.

It stated that after God banned Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden, they kept committing suicide because they could not STAND to not be in the garden of Eden.

God kept bringing them back to life saying they had to WAIT until the 5500 years was over to enter back into the garden of Eden (God's plan for salvation)

ANYWAYS.......I had a thought about this story:

What if we DIE, because we THINK we die, because we WANT to die because we are NOT in the garden of Eden?

What if reincarnation is real? What if it is just an illusion that we die?

What if we have always been since creation?

If we can be tricked by illusion of the Ego and Life as we now know it, we can be tricked by illusion of death also because both seem so real.

Watch the movie online called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward and you will see alot of the illusion of the world. (it's free)
I seen the illusion before I watched the movie, so the movie did not sway my opinion because I already had that opinion.

Zeitgeist Film Series

Much of the world worships an image.

Gotta have the right car, hair do, clothes, job, furniture in order to be accepted.

I could be rich and drive a winter beater, but people would judge me and my beater if they didn't know I was rich and as soon as they knew I was rich their attitude would be nicer towards me.
All because of what I own. Not because of ME.

So people attribute their own worth to things they own - which is a big ass lie. It's foolish actually.

God made all men and women equal. Period. There is not one person higher or lower than the other.
I am not worth more than someone living in extreme poor conditions in Africa just because I own a house.
That would be absurd to think so, but yet in our society we think like this.

If I had one billion dollars in my bank account and I lived off of only 5% of that, the other 95% is just sitting there as a number on paper.
It's only real when it is USED to buy something. If I keep it IN the bank, it does nothing except accumulate more numbers....if all I do is keep it in there, what is the point?
That money can be used now to help REAL people NOW and not just sit as a number on paper.

My life would be better when I looked around me and the world and I NEVER saw poverty. If I seen people helping people. People SMILING.

I would like for all people to be above the poverty level where NO person has to fear their survival.

Humanity is ONLY as good as it's lowest citizens....if WE allow people to be poor it actually drags us down as a race.

If we helped the poor by teaching them skills to give back to society, our society could reach levels never thought possible because all people would be contributors.

Instead we just give them fish, but don't teach them how to fish. Does this make sense?

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Mar 31 2011 06:33 AM

Who cares what is real. Just enjoy the moment huh?
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