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What is left of my symptoms

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Hey everyone,

First of all good luck, and this will pass, don't worry obsessively about it !

I was looking for advices for what is left of my DPDR, it used to be really bad, and most of it went away. I'm just now stuck with some kind of OCD-like symptoms : whenever I feel strange, I get into those intrusive thoughts as everyone (mine is feeling that in a second, i'm going to "wake up in another world, which wouldn't make any sense"), as well as becoming afraid of my "own mental processes" : I pay attention to my conscious thoughts, and somehow i'm getting really afraid of those : they start becoming really slow and I usually have kind of "spasms" to get rid of them (I usually move my head pretty fast in a direction, like someone waking up from a nightmare).

Has anyone went through this? Do you have any advices ?

(What makes me afraid the most, is that I can't find people to relate to !).

Thanks a lot and good luck !
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Hi Pie25,

I'm exactly like you. My dp/dr started with a panic attack (though not on weed) 6 years ago. Now most of it is gone but the obsessive part of the disorder doesn't want to go away. Like you i'm thinking about my own consciousness. I obsess mostly over the fact that I think in words and pictures. It feels like I become way too aware about the strangeness of my own consciousness/existence and waves of anxiety run through my body whenever I become conscious of my thoughts (which happens 100s of times in a day). I feel dread as if i'm experencing consciousness for the first time and it's a big deal, even though I know perfectly that the way my brain works can't have changed since i'm a child. I wonder how people can live their life without being overhelmed by their own existence. It definitely seems like Pure OCD at this point. In the past 6 years, this is the only symptom that I had almost 100% of the time with occasional periods of calm.

If you want we can talk about it in private messages.
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