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I will go ahead now and explain what homeopathy is. Homeopathy functions in opposite of allopathy. Allopathy is the medicines that you buy in the pharmacy. All allopathic medicines are usually suppressive of the disease that you suffer from...for example, those medicines that start with anti- are suppressive...anti-anxiety, anti-depressive, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine. These medicines work to HIDE the problem temporarily, they SHUT IT UP. They do not cure. That is why you keep having symptoms come back when off medications, it just masks the problem.

In homeopathy, it is the exact opposite. Think of a vaccination. A vaccination is actually a minute dose of the actual disease you want to prevent. It gives you a little dose of it so your body can wake up and use its own healing power to cure itself from that disease. Homeopathy stimulates the body to combat the disease or state that it is in at the moment and cures itself.

The subject being very large, I will only summarize here.

There are thousands of homeopathic remedies derived from plant, mineral and animal sources...whatever can make you sick can also cure you! It can cure you when given in minute dose so small that only the bodies immunity can see it. For example...when you are bit by a snake, only the venom of that same snake can save your life.

For mental and Emotional disorders the principle is the same, by matching a remedy to the persons individual state. Once the remedy is administered the persons body will react to it, recognizing it and cure the same disease.

Your sensations and state are really no different for a homeopath to cure than it would for any other person presenting a less alarming disease. If the homeopath is well trained and competent.

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Oct 07 2011 01:10 AM

Not trying to be negative here, but what is IT that we would take for DP/DR? and how would it help DP/DR?


Oct 07 2011 03:38 AM

Your not being negative at all Jayd, great question! Homeopathy is about the individual not the disease (although I don't consider DP/DR a disease) so there is not 1 remedy for the disease as in regular pharmaceutical medicine, if that was the case, everyone would be cured, right? It is about taking each persons case seperately and matching THEIR sensations and feelings to a homeopathic remedy with the might sound confusing but here is an example...If there are 2 people with a headache, 1 person has a headache because they were in the sun too much and are very thirsty afterwards with a throbbing headache and need to stay in the dark and not move or else it gets worse, the 2nd person has a headache that is better when the move around and are not thirsty at in regular medicine, the 2 people would take Tylenol, right? But in homeopathy those 2 people although have a headache would actually need 2 different medicines, because they are experiencing the headache differently.

So a remedy that can work for one person will not be the same remedy that will work for the other person.

....Many of you describe yourselves in respect to what your condition dictates...but in homeopathy we want to know you! What makes you afraid? What situation? When does this symptom come? When you get angry or anxious how does it manifest itself in you? How do YOU experience it.

Homeopathic treatment is about the individual and although all of you are 'diagnosed' with the name of DR/DP...many of you have different sensations when experiencing it. It is in those differences that the homeopath selects the remedy...there is not 1 remedy for DR/ it might be in allopathy...homeopathy is about the person as a whole.

I will tell you though, I have only treated 1 case of DR and that was my sons' collegues have actually had many...with excellent results. Some sufferers were at the point of suicide.

For example...There is a homeoapthic remedy called CANN-INDICA and is derived from pot and hashish...It has been used successfully in patients where the symptoms started after smoking hashish or pot. It is like an antidote. It is not the remedy for DP/DR, it is a possibility for some patients.


Oct 07 2011 04:20 AM

Here is a case of DP/DR taken using homeopathy and the remedy that the person was prescribed....My link

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Oct 11 2011 07:11 PM

That's really interesting.

I just want to say that what your doing is really important for all of us. It is so great that your son is getting support from you. I told my mom everything that's going on and although she understands she thinks that I am completely fine and think's I am completely able to handle life's challenges (like full time work) no problem.

I go to school full time and work on sundays and although it is hard it is doable.


Oct 12 2011 04:36 PM

Yes I understand...that is what I find devestating, no one can see what you feel, on the outside everything looks birlak but it's not. Your mother probably doesn't want to focus on it, she is probably trying to give you a 'normal' environment so that you do not think about it too much. I suggest you see a good homopath, if you let me know where you live, I can see if I have any recommendations.

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Jan 28 2012 12:22 AM

I agree completely, both my parents basically just act like i am simply overreacting and oversensitive to my thoughts. I feel like when i try to describe the symptoms they think im crazy or making it up. Thank you for working towards a sustainable cure. I live in san francisco, and recommendations?
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