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In near death experiences and reincarnation cases they have one thing in common and that's life reviews--- this is reliving every single moment of your life from birth to death. It takes place after you die. For those in near death experiences they come back from the dead with the memory of reliving their life. For those in reincarnation cases they experience this after death and before being reborn which is called the interlife. So this makes me think that maybe the reason why I'm seeing everything dreamlike and feel out of my body is that I myself might be trapped inside a life review right now which means that I'm already dead. I don't remember how I died because I haven't reached to that point in my life review yet. So when I die in this life review I will be awaken from my life review. Usually in these life review there is a guiding spirit like an angel with you in the spirit world. The purpose of a life review is to learn what you did wrong in your past life and what your purpose in life was and the good and bad you did in that life and there are other purposes for this life review too, not just what I mentioned. So if I am really trapped in a life review, this means everything that is happening already happened in the past. I am not making anything up about life reviews. I read books about reincarnation and near death experiences in the past.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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