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What if I am pregnant... (yikes)

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As this topic has nothing to do with DP, I decided to vent here... Last three days I've been feeling nauseous on the mornings, and I know it may indicate that I could be pregnant. I have had an intrauterine device for five and half years now (the old one was changed into a a new device last autumn) and have never had any problems with it. But I'm aware that no birth control method is 100 % certain in preventing pregnancies.

I know I always have the chance to get an abortion, but I wish if I will be proven to be pregnant, my boyfriend wouldn't want to keep the baby. It would be too sad, as I definitely do not want children, especially not "my own" - if I someday wanted to become a mother, I'd use adoption (in that way I could be sure the baby/child is healthy and I would do my share in order to not overpopulate the world).

But - what made me even more worried, is the reason that when I came from the exam just a moment ago, I felt nauseous again. When I went to throw up in the bathroom, I noticed there was some blood in that tiny amount of liquid that I "sacrificed to the goddess made of white porcelain". I'm aware that the blood most probably does not indicate any serious thing, but still I am concerned, as I haven't had any health problems for a long long time - and have never threw up blood before, not even tiny amounts.

Just had to vent, as I can't get any results, before I have been checked by a physician (for the blood thing) AND I cannot get a pregnancy test done in the lab of Finnish Student Health Service earlier but this Thursday, cuz I have lectures also tomorrow morning. I hope the nausea I've experienced lately wouldn't indicate pregnancy, nor any other serious thing. I'm pretty sure that at least it can't be a gastric ulcer (my guess bc of the blood), because I have never suffered from it before, neither I have been in any way stressed lately - rather on the contrary.

I wish I would be okay and not pregnant. I'll get myself checked as soon as I can, because I do not like to feel worried. Hopefully there would be no reason for it... If any of you might know some trivial, not scary reasons for the blood thing, I'd be thankful if you'd tell me. Of course I won't know what is wrong with me - or is there anything wrong indeed - before I'll go to the physician, but it would ease my worries to hear about it. Thanks :)
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For a start, don't worry. I know that's easier said than done, but us DP'ers are experts at at least trying not to !!

Blood in vomit is very common, especially if you've been vomitting repeatedly. The strain of heaving up all the sick (eek) can sometimes burst tiny little blood vessels along the digestive track, much like sometimes you get a little blood when you blow your nose. I wouldn't worry, especially if it's only a tiny amount. But go and see your doctor anyway, to put your mind at rest.

As for a gastric ulcer...unless you are writhing in agony everytime you swallow some food (especially hot liquids), and have chronic acid reflux, you haven't got one !! Besides, gastric ulcers are quite uncommon in women.

Take care.
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