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Dear readers,

it has been a long time since i wanted to upload this, the reason that i want to upload my story is in the hope that my way of treatment will help others. I'm going to begin with a short story about my self and when i realized what i had and how i cured

my DP

About me:

I was 18 when i moved to the city of Amsterdam to go to college, i come from a rather particular family and always wanted to move out when i got 18 to escape all of it. i was optimistic but nothing when the way i hoped it would go. I started to have difficult situations with my family back home and lost almost all of my social contacts. i started to feel really down. it started by not going to school anymore and smoke weed everyday instead. Then a traumatic experience happend with a close relative. After that i couldnt function anymore. i couldn't think, sociolize, wat, sleap or focus. i lost grip and didnt do anyting for school anymore. When i turned 19 i realized that somthing was wrong with me, sometimes i felt like i was something else, before i knew what DP was i called it a ''space''. A weird kinda high whitout doing any drugs. Quickly this space wasn't occasionaly anymore but all the time. I went to bed with it and i woke with it. It made me go crazy.

First i thought it had something to do with my drug use so i stopped using weed. But after a few months the feeling continued, it was a weird feeling of not kwoning who you are what you are doing and a severe confusion all the time, it was like a was looking tru a glass window the whole time. i couldnt focus i avoided socialising and had severe anxiety when talking to others, the only i wanted to do was go to sleep in the hope for the feeling to go away when i wake up again. I was totally lost, i just tried to live with it, it tried to get my stuff together and started to go back to classes but nothing would stay in my memory. i couldnt even remember what i ate or did the night before, it felt like i had the memory of a goldfish. One day i sat down and thought; what is wrong with me. I looked up on the internet for symptoms of deppresion and thought that that should be it, so i read or tried reading countless books about self treatment but nothing would work.

I turned 19 and still nothing had changed. One evening i browsed the internet and read about DP and i thought; why didnt i found this before. It was exactly how i was feeling. Then i came up to this forum. I was kinda releaved that i was not the only one with these symptoms and found it very helpful to read others who gave positive advise about recovery. This forum gave me the answers i was looking for; HOW TO CURE THIS BS.

I read a post about a stack of dietary supplements. I was strictly against taking any form of pills but i treid it anyway. i am now going to describe what i tried to cure my DP.

I like to state first this is a personal cure and most likely wont work for everybody as your body is unique and react differently to these things but i hope you find it usefull. On the other hand you should always ask a professional about taking any of these supplemtents.

I red an article about a lot of tings to take but this is what worked for me the best:

-lets start by 5 HTP, this wonder pill is what i believe that helped me the most. It is not a drug or anything but more of a dietary supplement. it can be legally bought in many stores. (i live in the Netherlands)

5 htp didnt help at first but after a few months i saw positive reactions. It especially enhanced my mood and got rid of my anxiety.

-food, before and during my DP i didnt eat enough. hardly anything. i noticed that a good diet (breakfast, lunch, dinner) helped a lot.

- Free of stress in the morning. i used to sleep as much as i can this resulted to waking up to late, stressing about catching the bus, not be able to shower or eat breakfast. When a morning goes like this i would just feel bad all day. It is really a personal thing but maybe it helps you.

-lastly, cut of everything that makes you sad and surround you with the things you love. example: i invested a lot money to move to amsterdam, it was my dream. but because of personal matters in my family it was the worst exprience ever i am very stubborn and didnt want to be a loser and move back to my home town. but i just had to do it. and you should to when you are in a simalar position. surround you with the things youre comfortable with and cut your losses.

Alright these things helped me alot with my DP.

But after a year i still didnt feel how i used to feel so i tried something different. and it was called Nootropics.

Nootropics are smart drugs that enhance cognitive functions in your brain. These are in (most) countries legal. they arent typed as drugs or anything. they can be bought in a lot of stores and websites.

I tried Adrafinil. adrafinil is a pro-drug of modafinil. it should help with focus and wakefullness.

this drug is not to be used for long term as it can damage your liver and i personally didnt like it very much.

what i am using in combination with 5htp is Noopept.

ive been using noopept for few months and the effects are amazing. i can now focus, think and socialize like never before.


When i wake up (around 7) i usually take two pills of 50mg of 5htp.

around 11 o clock i take 10mg of noopept

around 3 another 10mg of noopept.

around lunch a cup of coffee boosts my mood too.

these nootropics have different affects on everybody so i would suggest you to google them and search what suits you the best. and always check carefully what you buy and where you buy it. Never buy drugs online who are illegal or only available in your country with a subscription as it's illegal and you can never know for sure if what you buy is safe to use.

in conclusion the only thing i want to say is: i am so happy that my DP starting to go away and i got my life back together. i hope that this post will help you in finding a cure for yourself. You should never give up, think positive, accept what you are experiencing, surround yourself with loved ones and everything will turn to be alright

Questions are always welcome and i hope everybody the best:)

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Interesting. Are there any specific foods that help you? What diet do you follow? (if you don’t me asking). How about magnesium and Taurine supplements? Thanks
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