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What I Am Thankful For.

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I already do this on my own in a notebook but felt like starting a thread here because I have felt that this has helped me and may help you.

I want you to name what you are thankful for. Write for at least two minutes. Set a timer. (When you get going just that long it's often very easy to gofor longer due the momentum.)

I might respond to my own thread here every now and then, but I will go ahead and start it off.

I am so thankful for rain, the cool alive feeling of it in the air, the beautiful droplets on the window panes, on a cozy day with coffee, books, and blankets. I am thankful for air and the ability to breath and simply exist and have experienced and having the ability to experience all the greatest joys of my life, my teachers, my friends, my siblings, my father. I am so thankful for imagination and the doors it opens and the freedom inside it, the possibilities you know are out to be realized. I am so thankful for accomplishment and the satisfaction of seeing a labor of love to it's end. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience stories in books, novels, films, cartoons, comics, ballads, fairytales and stories passed down that will live in me forever in the best crevices of my mind. I am thankful for the beautiful wallet that friend gave me when she thought of me, how she remembered something I said in passing. I am thankful for my best friend, all the love we share. I am thankful for peace of mind, serenity of soul and surrender of will, relaxed limbs and awareness of what's out there. I am thankful for the softness and warmth of the blanket in which I will soon wrap myself and drift to bed to wake another day and the water that I drink before then.

Thank you for reading this. :) Write something you can feel. Even if it's in past or hasn't happened yet. Just think and feel the relief of it. You deserve to feel good. <3 :)

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I am thankful for/to myself, for being the only person I could rely on for as long as I lived, for keeping me safe, and sheltering my body and my mind when I was in great peril of losing it all. And I am thankful to myself - again - for being able to finally distinguish between learned behaviour and authentic feelings, to see things for what they really are and to act ccordingly, to cut ties with people who called themselves family and friends, but did not act as such. I am a really big fan of me, and if it wasn't for covid19, I would unironically throw a really big party to show my appreciation for myself.
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