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What helps when you just in a dp/dr mood??? - help

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Any tricks appreciated.

When you become into this dp/dr land, and you begin to have no memory of your recent past actions, and feel like you will make a full-blown panic attack and feel like you have no past and no future because you don't know who you are *i.e. when you suffer greatly from dp/dr, do you have any tricks to settle you down a bit? (rapid stuff to calm down)? My major problem is public spaces, and I don't have any tricks who works. I wonder if having pictures of your loved ones help, or repeating you name, or stuff like that.


C xxx
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I have a major problem with this as well. If I'm in public spaces and end up in DP/DR land I always end up just trying to withdraw and "think" out of it - it never works.

The only solution that I can think of would be to try and focus outward. I know it's easier said than done, and I usually fail in doing it myself, but it should help. I've learnt that I'm most successful (and that's still not very) at doing this when I stop thinking "How distracted am I now?" and just learn to get "lost" in whatever it is I'm doing.

Beyond that, I remember hearing somewhere that having flashcards can help. If you're feelig very "out of it", just pull out a flashcard reminding you it's only DP and you're not losing your mind. I haven't yet yet tried this myself, but apparently it engages the rational side of your mind and helps with whatever's happening.

As for repeating your name, I guess it could work. The first week I had DP/DR - and at the time I didn't know what on earth it was - I went for a walk around the block and said to myself "wake up", it worked, but it doesn't seem to now anymore.

As you can see, I'm really at a loss as to ow to solve this myself, so any help from others would be appreciated.
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