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ok.. through all the 2 years of the klonopins and all the information i have from good sites like this one on dr/panic disorder... i have found that it comes down to how we think.. im off all meds and really believe that our thinking has to change to get better.. when i wake up in the morning what do i think about? how i feel..when i go outside i think things dont look right if im laying on the couch watching ty im focusing on how i feel... so it has to be that were so into ourselfs that we actually are not seeing our surroundings as they are.. i know when i wake up if i focus on the sun shining through the window and keep the thoughts back im not to bad.. we have created a bad way of thinking and because we attach fear to the feelings its hard to break this cycle.. i have had 2 days before where i feel normal and then something negitive will happen that puts me back in the old mind set then the cycle begins again.. just knowing that these are just feelings and wont hurt you and that people recover from this helps me alot.. i try to stay in that mind set.. when i have a bad day i allow myself to get negitive and start thinking ill never get better and attach fear to the feelings.. well just my thoughts...Doug

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Yes, this is sound advice.

It's no coincidence that most of us are worse off when we're unoccupied. It's the constant, often unwilled, automatic and unnoticed self-monitoring that hinders our recovery and actually makes us worse.

I've known this for a while, but haven't really made the effort to act upon it properly (although I assumed I was). If we can focus off our symptoms and how weird everything seems, we get a little better.
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