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If everyone could help each other we can all get out of this together.

Please comment on what has helped you?

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May 10 2012 12:44 AM

Id recommend the supplement alpha brain and sublinguial b complex

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May 11 2012 01:30 AM

Medication for depression, vitamin B-12 and keeping my mind stimulated and distracted with positive thoughts

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May 15 2012 04:50 PM

Male 23 yrs old college student cannabis induced DP/DR

SEROQUEL XR most amazing anti-pshyc drug for this illness. I suffered terrible DP for 5 months 24/7 (not one second of the day was there an absent thought from the feelings common to DP, however it was also largely derealization that was causing the obsessive thoughts). This in turn lead to the lowest 5 months I've ever experienced in my entire life time (short considering some other cases but it was the longest 5 months of my life), immense depression, anxiety and existentialism issues. I tried a number of anti-pshycotic meds my psychiatrist put me on with absolutely no improvement. The DP eventually reached a point where my anxiety caused moments in my day that for a period of say 3-5min everything would seem slow motion an absolute terrible feeling of no mental control. At this stage I was willing to spend the rest of my life tucked away from the world in an institution that could just take care of me securely (fear of survival).

I eventually changed psychiatrists and was immediately put onto seroquel XR 200mg/day. It initially knocks your energy levels immensely but this fades pretty quickly, with 10-14 I noticed a definite increase in self-confidence and change in mental attitude/strength back to where I had been prior to DP, the depression still lingered and 8months later I'm still dealing with episodes of depression but the DP/DR has gone 100% with the only thing that causes thought being existential thoughts however as we all know there is no known answer so this will be up to faith and personal beliefs to cure in time.

I currently take Seroquel XR 200mg/day (on a plan to reduced to 0mg by end of 2012), I find omega 3 1000mg and a good multivitamin (high VB RDA) as well as pre-occupying your mind through reading/work/television at times during the day and exersize helps me keep stable ever since recovery 7months ago. (Note I was doing all of this except prescribed on seroquel before recovery I just found seroquel a kind of catalyst to recovery and the rest now all work together as a package).

If you have tried Seroquel and it has not seemed to work make sure its the XR and possibly ask your psychiatrist to step up the dose and see how it goes.

All the best I know how terrible something like DP/DR is but it CAN and WILL disappear believe in your mental strength and gradual small steps never give up and believe you are going to have this forever.

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Mandy L.
Jun 04 2012 05:15 PM

Had DP my entire life and DR for the last 4 years, getting worse and worse until 2011 when I started treatment

Ayahuasca (the original brew) did it for me, I feel the best I ever felt in life.

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Oct 12 2012 12:48 AM

It helps to distract yourself... the more you keep your mind off of yourself the easier it is to move on.
My DP was anxiety triggered, the only way I can get rid of it is by getting rid of the trigger AKA the anxiety
and by paying attention to how I'm feeling, if I'm still depersonalized
I will be more anxious
so distraction is key,
exercise, sing a song, walk a dog
do something that you enjoy
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Nov 02 2012 01:59 PM

What has helped me the most with DP/DR were a couple of things. First finding out that this weird/fog/confusion/dreamlike feeling has a name. Two accepting that I have DP and thats its going to take sometime to work through, this one has been the biggest one for me because I was trying to wish it away, but through accepting it and not fighting it, i have been feeling alot better. Another things that has helped my DP is trying to relax my racing thoughts, which is hard but when I do, it feels really great. Not sure about everyone, but I know for me with DP I never feel relaxed. I go to bed feeling the same way and wake up feeling the same way, but when I try to calm myself and sit in those weird feelings and not try to fight them they become less and less and I am able to feel reality slowing coming back
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Jan 13 2013 06:31 PM

Not fighting it helps abandoning yourself can help is very hard your mind needs to rest I struggle but do have better days lately except it I carnt watch tv it trippy makes me feel worse so work is the best for me although connecting with people and telling people so that understand ,although you are very blank it's hard to let go of yourself it's all about rethinking . There's not a magic pill and the cure is from with in if that helps I have learned this don't get me wrong I'm not right now but Iv learned to have better days hope you both find yourselfs
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