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Fundamentally DP is a trauma defense response against perceived death. People who say it’s a symptom of anxiety are not educated …. High enough anxiety causes dp which is effectively trauma at that point, not anxiety (hence emotional numbness). Therefore, your brain thinks I’ll do whatever in this situation to make it as least painful as possible (dissociate, numb, space out, make your self not experience this). I had a panic attack out of nowhere and I remember saying to myself surely this can’t be happening to ME! It didn’t in the end, as my psyche split off from it. This was 7 years ago. From this your brain changes in various ways. A neuroscientist told me every symptom has a neural correlate - therefore finding out what brain areas are involved in sense of self and emotions need to be investigated and potentially changed through things like RTMS/ neurofeedback
That’s what I think anyways
I’ve had a qeeg and it shows the right temporo parietal area is overactive and under connected- this area is responsible for out of body experiences /body self image/ sense of agency
Going to do neurofeedback in October
See what happens - that’s my 5 pence anyways :)
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