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What does Caffine do to you?

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I quite drinking caffine like a year and a half ago when I got preggie and have stayed off it cuz of my anxiety. Now I get crazy gitter when I have caffine. Almost like I took a couple nodoze. I feel all wacked and crap! Is that the caffine or a psychosamatic(sp?) thing cuz I know caffine does not sit well now? Like I know part of it is the caffine! I am so used to not having it my body doesnt like it. But could it partly be psychosamitic? I dunno I know I feel better without it.
Does caffine affect you weird??
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Drink very little coffee and when I do it's got to be a good one (not that instant stuff). Much prefer beer (especially the dark ales during winter). I do make sure I have a full belly before drinking coffee otherwise I get the jitters and a tension headache.

Bright23 I was thinking of doing the same thing. Sojourner I think we all get a bit paranoid when no one replies after our post, it's that bloody anxiety thing.
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