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The things that gave me anxiety during dr/dp give me zero anxiety now. In fact, quite the reverse: when I contemplate them, I can feel positive feelings such as excitement and wonder (if I feel anything at all). You gain a strong sense of control that you don't have when you're immersed in it and overwhelmed by the experience, as if drowning.

Dr/dp anxieties tend to be one's that you don't feel you can escape, either because the object is always there (something about the nature of your self, perceptions, reality, etc.) and/or because obsessive thinking keeps the object stuck in your thoughts. In contrast, with most ordinary anxieties you can physically take steps to avoid or overcome them, which is the actual point of anxiety and fear.

Did the anxiety lower a lot? I never had any type of anxiety disorder or much of any anxiety at all before this happened to me so i'm just curious to see
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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