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dakotajo said:
scuba diving
You're a braver man than I. I can't even go snorkeling...the whole breathing control thing freaks me right out.

dakotajo said:
eating out
Oh, the fun i could have with this quote, but won't out of respect for decorum...

For Fun:

Drinking (I know that sounds silly, but i truly enjoy drinking wine at home and i love going out and drinking with friends)

Music (Love listening to music. Love playing piano when i have a chance)



Watching Movies

Eating (I can't help it...i love food like a mistress)

Sailing (Although i haven't done this for a couple of years now)

U.F.O. research (I wouldn't say i do this "for fun", but i sure am interested in it and i guess i enjoy the accumulation of knowledge)

Playing Civilzation and various other world domination games



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Magic ( as in slight of hand. Not Magic the Gathering, Wicca, etc...)
Inventing....I love coming up with original ideas to make money
Hiking and horseback riding
Pump it up, a Dance Dance Revolution knockoff
Movies. I'm addicted to movies and movie lore.
Writing...its alot like inventing.
Nintendo games


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Chasing roaches (the little ones) with chop sticks.

Playing guitar - not much lately though.
Listening to music -getting back into it slowly.
Tweaking and tinkering with cars, computer, electrical stuff - always.
Bike riding - off road and road.
Outings with family and friends.
Beer - drinking and making.
Going to the beach for swimming, body surfing, walking, fishing (hate lying on the beach...boring).
Surfing the net - this board!
Weekend trips which include long country drives.

Things that I have done in the past and plan to in the future:
Scuba diving - being a while, last time was at the Great Barrier Reef about 7 years ago. Fantastic trip!
Renovating our house - will be renovating another house early next year.

New stuff to do for fun:
Getting my motor bike license. Starting the course in two weeks. Always meant to get it, had a motocross bike when I was a teenager and just never got around to it. Can't wait. Will purchase a trial bike early next year.

Gliders certificate. Much cheaper than getting a plane license but the thrill is the same. Powered flight will cost ~ $12k to get license. Glider ~ $2K to get a certificate to fly the craft yourself. This ones on the drawing board.

And one more thing and the most funnest:
Rubbing bellies!
If this activity is not available then my fall back is 'feeding the chooks'.

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here ya no particular order

-reading (fav. author of the month: tom robbins)
-drinking (love it)
-hiking (wish i had done it more this summer)
-having good conversations with people who can think
-time w/ friends and family

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I love all these. All these people with all these hobbies. Oh yes, I do para-gliding on Mondays, save small kittens from trees on Tuesdays, rock climbing on Wednesdays, build bird tables on Thursdays, do charity work on Friday, go to Philosophy Classes on Saturday and Pottery on Sunday.

Come on guys. Be honest. You like sex, beer and TV, don't you.

People say; 'Oh, I just LOVE reading', and the last thing they read was 'Watch Spot Run' at the age of five. :lol: Sorry, it kills me.
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