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what anxiety disorder do you have with DP/DR? (If you have more than one anxiety disorder choose the one that interferes with your life more.)
Social Anxiety1622.86%
Generalized anxiety disorder2028.57%
panic disorder1622.86%
I don't have an anxiety disorder with my DP/DR68.57%

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primarily OCD with existential thoughts...

once i am in the midst of dp/dr, then it provokes agoraphobia, and social anxiety.

when i am doing very badly it can provoke panic which in turn makes me shift from dr into a dp/dr combo.

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Glad this poll is here as I never believe things appear in a vacuum.

I have so many damned comorbid disorders with this it astounds me.

Throughout my life, since a child, I have experienced a variety of conditions that in a sense sort of go hand in hand.

I was crabbing about this in another post, and recently, really forcing myself into various situations, being active/productive have made things worse. Oddly enough the DP/DR hasn't gotten worse with these things.


As a girl, depression and anxiety (GAD) which I believe come hand in hand. There is an observation in the medical community and in reserach that 50% of depressed people have anxiety and 50% of anxious people have depression. Everything seems to be part and parcel of one thing or another.

I have had periods of OC traits -- perfectionism that became debilitating.

I ruminate about terrible things happening all the time.

I do have DP/DR. I'd say yes, now, (chaged my mind for the 20th time) that I have DP Disorder, but I have no clue what came first, anxiety/depression. No clue.

I'm a hypochondriac, moreso as a young girl.

Oddly enough in my younger years, I was gregarious, appear "very normal" ... God I hate that, lol. I am an emotional person unless I am trapped in a DP/DR Hell.

I am still social. When I force myself out, I can laugh with people, carry on as though all is fine. Other times not.

I also have a number of autoimmune disorders which in theory come from excessive cortisol levels -- in essense, chronic unremitting stress.

I have BP traits.

I'm a freakin' mess.

Bottom line, I keep pushing along.

I've said this before, for those who have depression and agitation (which is different from anxiety) to read "Unholy Ghost: Writers on Depression" -- it is incredible and sadly describes me to a "T".

I do have DP Disorder, but it isn't there alone. I don't know if "Pure DP Disorder" in and of itself is THAT common without all this other garbage going along with it -- but I believe it exists -- and clearly people here seem to have that syndrome in and of itself. I wonder if the existential thoughts come first or the sense of losing one's Self lead to these ruminations. Although as a child I brought on DP thinking of death, existential thoughts.

Venting, venting, venting.

One day at a time.

My God I wish I could socialize more, make friends, healthy friends that would keep me going. Still make the effort, but it is exhausting.

I also want a loving relationship with a man, and I want SEX -- even though I often feel like an "observer". It is a tension reliever, and I so want that closeness. It has been such a long time.

OK. End of rant.

I just heard Bob Seger in my car. "Those are the things that make me a wealthy soul" -- relationships.

That's all that matter I think. Friends and lovers. Emotional contact. So difficult for me now.

I do have really one very close friend, who lives 800 miles away. Thanks B.

Damn, I should have my IMAC next week. Tired of waiting.

Sorry again for rant.
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