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Hey! So I've never been diagnosed, but ever since I was a kid I've had random moments where I felt like I wasn't real and like the world around me wasn't real. It felt like nothing was real. Of course I never believed I was unreal or the world around me was unreal. It just felt that way, it was a sensation. It's one of many reasons why I don't lean on intuition. It feels like my intuition tells me the things around me aren't happening or like I don't even exist. So I've always been a person who relied heavily on facts and on logic. I knew I was real, why? Because here I was conscious and thinking "I think therefore I am." It happened a lot in my pre-teen and early teen era. I'm not sure if i have this disorder specifically or if it's somehow related to my anxiety or some other thing. It's nice to know that these sensations are experienced by other people!
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