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Were you a self- assertive person before Dp/Dp struck?
Yes, it was easy for me to be assertive1933.33%
Yes, but I often chose to give in1119.30%
No, I had difficulties to be assertive2747.37%

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You're trying to "figure it out".

You dont want to just sit back and take it...
I think certain mindsets would give in. That's what life encourages you to do...

I think it's an anxiety disorder. In a moment of being completely submerged.

I do not think Psychiatric medication can cure it. I actually know it cant.

I also dont think therapists are interested in integrating people.

DP/DR is weird. It doesn't necessarily present as Psychosis yet affects personality without being a personality disorder. Things actually get hyper-real in a sense. Instead of out of touch.

I think the reality testing is quite good in DP/DR, and that therapists are uncomfortable, because fixing it would mean you'd walk out the door and never come back...

I think they get intimidated by the reality testing too, perhaps.

DP/DR is an altered state. Psychosis is psychological illness. Psychological illness doesn't really seem to be "cured" by Psych treatment anyway... *yawn*

I know I "annoy" people and I know they cant connect.

It's bizarre that spiritualists try to achieve altered states... it isn't "enlightening" if no-one else wants to hear about it, and cant relate to you...
I hate DP. I'm sick of it - Sick.

It's funny you mention "assertion" too. I wasn't "allowed" to be assertive (ever), it's not allowed in our house. Self-expression is the major thing I lost with DP. And it's dementing that therapists try to change thoughts and behaviour... it takes the "guts" and power away, needed to be assertive. You're forced to step back, the therapist tells you how to think. Which is more limiting, because your self-expression and desire to be assertive is blocked out and re-arranged.

You "lose yourself". You get diluted down into something RIDICULOUS.
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