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I really dont think we are..

i think we're like fsckin magical creatures.

Like people outside the realm of the tangible.. people able to observe themselves. A subsect of people who are actually.. like almost literally, beside themselves. Its really cool if you think of its implications on how people interact. If you can see past yourself, you already posess the key to unlocking any willing skull out there. You know how to look past a face and see the tiny voice in the control booth.

like pilots..
we are all like pilots..

Or like some mechanized civilian infantry of completely energy based beings (no im not a sci-fi nerd). We have this capability, and all we fear is our misery.. so really then it becomes an exercise in finding happiness. Thats what we all seem to strive for.. a commitment to happiness.

welllllllllllll... honestly its probably never gonna happen. We will suffer our plight and face death when it arrives. The point of saying this is that we all have a reason to seek out a cure but is that truly what we need? Are we really needing a cure for this.. why not utilize it instead. This to me, seems like a marytrs gift.. to suffer but to be given the secrets of life. You can say you dont want it but in the end you've seen more than your fellow man. You've just experienced it differently. But yeah.. getting off topic..

So i wonder further.. if we are not freaks, but instead highly capable observers of life.. then what role do we have?

and its at this point that it becomes obvious that i probably need to order a pizza.

"what were you expecting, some sort of summation?"

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This to me, seems like a marytrs gift.. to suffer but to be given the secrets of life
I've posted this thought a few times. The perspective of the world around me one of clarity, yet I cannot reach it.

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Nah.. you can reach it.. you just gotta do it via proxy. Like your hands are the proxy.. you can control your hands.. so manipulate the world via proxy. Its almost the same really i'd imagine. Its just a different perspective is all.

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I see exactly what you mean here, but I don't consider it to be much of a "good" thing, nor would I agree that we have to always be this way.

Prior to the onset of my severe DP, which has lasted over two months, I was always able to observe the world "beside myself", from a pretty objective point of view. I think a fair few people are able to do this as well.

The difference between me now and then, is that, before DP, I could always switch back into a different "gear", in which I was not "beside myself", an observer. I could "turn off" the detachement and just enjoy life as it was.

Now I feel stuck in the "gear" of being an observer inside my head. Still, I believe it's possible to recover.

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I know of this conscious decision where all the static around me could be eliminated fot eh sake of enjoying the moment for what its worth. I had a grandtotal of maybe one minute yesterday where I was confident and utterly distracted from the hell I put myself through. One minute is better than my usual 0 minutes though.
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