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Well...I Am Back From My Op...

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and my dp and dr are going nuts! haha!

seriously though...

my head feels awful and my whole body aches like hell! and i was only having something removed from my arm!!! i feel so light headed and the pains i am getting in mt head and all over are driving me mad!

the surgeon said that i should physically feel much better in about a week or two and that the thing that was removed was definately not doing me any good...

the thing that was removed is also being sent for tests so i will find out what it really seems to be confusing everyone...

lets hope that the dp and dr were taken away at the same time haha!

thanks to those of you who have been sending me good wishes and asking how things have been going :)
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glad your alright shadow.....hopefuuly when all the anaestetic is out of your system you'll feel a bit better
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