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Weird thoughts

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Hi everyone!

I have been suffering from depersonalization for a year now. It has gotten better, except the weird thoughts that I am still having.

I have this weird thought that makes me very anxious - for me it is so weird to see life through my eyes. It is so distressing, when I think about that. I have had this thought before but over time I just forget about that. It hit me today, again.

Does anybody have these type of thoughts too and how do you cope with that, so it doesn't make life miserable for some period of time?
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I suffered several severe depressive episodes over the course of my adult life. I had periods of "intrusive thoughts" in the form of unwanted suggestions such as "throw the coffee in their face", or "cross lanes and hit them head on." Stupid shit, really. But they were distressing and one wonders where the hell they come from. I made an analogy to the upset stomach and the burp. When your mind
gets stressed out and upset, the thought generator occasionally burps up something malignant. Nothing to be upset about. That would only make matters worse. I haven't had any since undergoing ECT
back in 2014. I don't miss them.
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