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Weird feeling

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Today has been a strange one, I have felt semi here and semi not, its made me feel a little depressed I want to be real or alive again, I want to feel love, happiness and joy rather than being in this dark hole where im constantly questioning my own existence, being voided of emotion. I love my family whole heartedly and it saddens me that I question wether they exist. today I have felt joy, going to dinner with my family, then I have the questions of "am I really here? are they even real?" and it's made me feel really depressed. but I feel semi here so its progress of some sought.

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May 24 2014 10:48 PM

These are the worst things just ignore them no matter how hard it will only feed to the depersonalization if you think about it. Hard and annoying. Ik and tough. But it's for the better it sucks but the thoughts are not true! Stay strong and positive !

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May 28 2014 09:07 PM

Thanks, i've been doing that, and I feel way more grounded
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feeling better!
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