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I had a weird sensation in the left rear of my head for many years. It was the feeling of a vague ache which was not superficial, rather it came from deep within. That place was the epicenter of the epileptic discharges I experienced after smoking cannabis for the 1st time. It began with an epigastric aura and proceeded to

temporal lobe seizures. I had a discharge approximately every 5 seconds for about 2 1/2 minutes.

When the seizures were complete, I was never the same. My EEGs now show significant pathology in my temporal lobe. Before having an MRI, I was almost convinced I had scarred my hippocampus, but my MRI was fairly normal. I know one is not supposed to feel pain in the brain, but I felt those epileptic discharges. They were like

having 110 Volts applied to my head. I have been shocked with 110 volts on numerous occasions and I know how it feels. I lost my emotions following those seizures. I also developed a major depressive disorder. My experience with psychiatry and neurology over the past 45 years is that they don't know shit, and they're in no big hurry

to learn.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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