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does anyone else feel weightless? i seriously feel like i weigh nothing. i'm tired of hugging my mom and not feeling it. it really bothers me. i'm tired of grabbing things and not feeling it in my hand and i'm tired of typing this and not feeling the keys and not really knowing that i am typing this because it sure doesn't feel like it. like i can feel it kinda coming back gradually, but its not really noticeable. i really can't focus at school because of this i enjoy nothing and life isn't fun anymore.

last night i was actually ok thinking positive about playing basketball when i get better and other sports and going after girls and what not, but i can't do that because i don't even feel a kiss. i'm numb in the private areas too. my whole body and skin. i just don't really understand how this could happen. i hate living like this. living like i am just not alive, because i really don't feel alive.
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she said it was dp , she said it would get better but i don't see it really getting better. i'm just tired of all this pretty much. my skin is all numb and everything. i don't know anymore.
yea she said to try to not think about it, but its really hard when i feel like nothing and i feel like this and i can't feel my body parts. its just hard to do things.
i do take an antidepressant celexa, she's getting me off that and i'm going to do therapy and start taking 5 htp at night. i took it before for a little while didn't help. i'm not really depressed. i don't have an overwhelming sadness. i'm just tired of not feeling my body and feeling anything and living in a dream. if i could feel my body i would be able to play basketball and workout more at least, but it'll come back i guess.
thats another thing if i were to ever get oral pleasures from a girl i'm afraid it wouldn't feel good. so why do it if it doesn't feel good. i'm pretty sure i won't feel it. it used to feel so good too. man i miss those days.

pretty much i miss my life. i feel like there is no way out of this. one of the worst things for me is not feeling the emotion of love. like for my mom family or friends. i really miss that. i miss hugging my mom and not feeling it emotionally, but also physically. when i hug her it feels like i'm hugging a ghost. its horrible. i don't know if any of you guys feel this. but also when i'm on my bed it literally feels like i'm not lying on the bed its hard to enjoy anything when i don't feel like anything.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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