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does anyone else feel weightless? i seriously feel like i weigh nothing. i'm tired of hugging my mom and not feeling it. it really bothers me. i'm tired of grabbing things and not feeling it in my hand and i'm tired of typing this and not feeling the keys and not really knowing that i am typing this because it sure doesn't feel like it. like i can feel it kinda coming back gradually, but its not really noticeable. i really can't focus at school because of this i enjoy nothing and life isn't fun anymore.

last night i was actually ok thinking positive about playing basketball when i get better and other sports and going after girls and what not, but i can't do that because i don't even feel a kiss. i'm numb in the private areas too. my whole body and skin. i just don't really understand how this could happen. i hate living like this. living like i am just not alive, because i really don't feel alive.
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Can't say that I feel much of this these days, but I know a lot of people do - and it's certainly "normal" within the ambit of the DP experience.

I think a major problem for you right now, livinghell, is that you're fixated upon how things used to be. I'm not saying this is "wrong", but it isn't helping you.

Yes things used to be better; yes they're not so good now. Yes it doesn't feel right; yes it's hard to bear.

But give a resounding no to any suspicion that it has to stay this way. It doesn't, and I doubt it will. But knowing that is not enough.

You have to "make" yourself do the stuff you enjoy anyway if want to get back to where you were. It may well feel "fake", but it's the most likely path to recovery.

Clearly what you're doing now isn't working. You need to push yourself - however hard it may be - to try and act "as if" you can feel again. Do it in small steps, by all means, but at least do something.

I hope things turn around for you soon.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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