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does anyone else feel weightless? i seriously feel like i weigh nothing. i'm tired of hugging my mom and not feeling it. it really bothers me. i'm tired of grabbing things and not feeling it in my hand and i'm tired of typing this and not feeling the keys and not really knowing that i am typing this because it sure doesn't feel like it. like i can feel it kinda coming back gradually, but its not really noticeable. i really can't focus at school because of this i enjoy nothing and life isn't fun anymore.

last night i was actually ok thinking positive about playing basketball when i get better and other sports and going after girls and what not, but i can't do that because i don't even feel a kiss. i'm numb in the private areas too. my whole body and skin. i just don't really understand how this could happen. i hate living like this. living like i am just not alive, because i really don't feel alive.
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I also really battled with the symptom you describe, and weirdly thought about it today, when I was driving my car. Sometimes, when the wheel slips through my hands I get a flashback of the floaty, numb sensation and I am immediately transported back a few years when I used to get it a lot.

My brother used to say to me as a kid 'don't think about orange penguins'. Not the best thing to say to someone, who even at 5 years of age, could drive themselves virtually insane with pictures of orange penguins in their head. The more you think about the sensation, the more your mind will slip into that mode, you are already 'feeling it' before it happens. It is a lot to do with habit. And preparation for every eventuality.

It really pays to try your hardest to not focus on it. It will only get worse. Sorry, I appreciate how infuriating it is to be told it. I wish I could be more constructive!
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