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so i'm on nova-paroxetine (paxil) and olazapine (zyprexa) do you guys think that if i drank i woudl possibly die. i mean, it says not to consume alcohol, but i think it would be publisized more if you could die from it. so what do you think ladies?

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Martinelv said:
I've taken an entire packet of Stelazine(28 tabs), Respiridone (56 tabs), 152mg of Valium, a packet of Anti-Histamines (6), 12 Paracetamol and drank about 3 bottles of wine and 6-10 pints of lager, during my first suicide attempt. Imagine my surprise when I woke up three days later, alive.

(Dislaimer# 76643 - Don't do it. You might not be as lucky)
Bloody hell!

I know you said you had a strong liver, but I didn't realize it was that strong. If I was in such a situation I'd be hard pressed not to believe I'd already died and was dreaming in some way - especially if DP was still lingering.

As for people asking about drink, the truth is that it's not recommended, but that it should be fine.

Pharmeceutical companies simply need to "cover their backs" on these kind of issues; even though drink is usually fine to mix, for some, it can have problems.

Whatever else happens, I can guarantee that you won't die. If you do, come back on here and have a go at me - I'll apologize.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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