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There is absolutely some change I am experiencing. I am feeling a lot lighter after using the HH exercises - my DP has not gone away but I feel my mental capacity to do things and my motivation has definitely increased. The only other thing I can put this down to is the magnesium citrate I am taking but I dont think that would have such a profound effect.

So to try and explain how I feel and how I think HH programme is helping

1. Brain feels lighter in a sense - it takes less motivation to get up and do something
2. Capacity to think and remember is increasing
3. its a gradual feeling, almost like I feel like something in my brain is gearing towards being normal again and there is an underlying sense of excitement that comes with this.
4. Sleeping deeper (waking up like i have been in deep sleep is not something that has happened in ages)
5. moments where I look at my hands and whats directly infront of me and it looks 3D! and not flat.
6. lights in my office (artificial halogen lights) dont seem to affect me as much

general thoughts from these past few weeks.

  • (As ridiculous as this next sentence sounds) my dp sometimes felt like i was looking through thick glass. I wore glasses and have now switched to contacts, that has helped with this sensation along with the HH programme.
  • the hardest part of the HH stuff is that you dont know how long it will take / if it will work / and the biggest thing for me is actually dedicating a set hour or whatever time to do the exercises. Another difficult thing is isolating the hardest parts of your previous life - I thought i had a pretty nice life until I actually start thinking about my childhood and realised how much upheavel and my parents relationship issues had an effect on my life.

Im going to do an hour a day this week, i have scheduled it in with my off days from the gym.

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Feb 02 2017 12:35 PM

What's teh "HH exercises"??? They sound like they are doing something!

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Feb 12 2017 12:50 PM

What's teh "HH exercises"??? They sound like they are doing something!
hello, they are the harris harrington suggested excercises. lots of people on this forum dont like them but i am starting to see some value in them
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