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Before I start on this entry. This week I have started using contact lenses, they seem to make my vision feel better.

I have been using some of the harris harrington techniques and can say that something is changing within me for sure.

I have used the 'as if' letters and the CBT exercise.

One of my main issues with dp/dr is the cognitive problems it brings. You can't think quickly and feel you have lost IQ. My thinking around this is similar to what I have read in some of the journals about dp being a defence mechanism. its almost as if your brain puts a barrier up around your brain. I feel that after doing these exercises for a few weeks, the thick soup in my head has lessened in thickness and there doesnt seem to be as much anxiety or energy required to think. My motivation to do work has also increased.

The exercises seem to help you think about things that in actuality you probably havent spoken about for years. It could be anything, for example, messing up an exam. The great thing about it is that you dont have to speak to anyone about these issues - you can just write them down and your brain then begins to process it. it's almost as if your brain is moving the thoughts from one part of your mind to another.

I am currently supplementing with magnesium citrate.

I'm quite convinced the world looks at least 1% more real
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