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So after some study I found out that it is possible to get depersonalization from marijuana! In fact it's a trigger for many people! That is exactly what happened to me. I smoked Marijuana and then started just feeling funny, everything was off! Before I knew it the world seemed completely bizarre and I felt like I was in a new world. That weird feeling caused me to have a huge panic attack. Anyway I found out many people do have weed induced depersonalization. The thing that bothers me though is I don't have any childhood drama honestly. I actually had a very good life. I actually can say I was made fun of by my friends a lot in the grades of 5th to 6th grade. And Black mailed. I also was very anxious and nervous as a child. I had a fear once that lasted like 2 months that I had rabies and I would get very nervous and anxious but not a panic attack. So in general I was always a very nervous and anxious problem. To me I was wondering is it possible the weed was more of a cause then a trigger. I mean I clearly remember I smoked the weed, everything seemed off and wrong and just not right and then having extreme anxiety. Was it possible that the weed brought on this underlying feeling, and by bringing on this feeling brought out all this anxiety I've had? Ironically I was with two of the people who use to bully me a lot. But for the most part I never really had childhood trauma or anything of any sort. At first dp wasn't really bad and it was something that I could brush off, but as time went by dp became my worst nightmare and I really feel like life is different, a dream, and something I cant escape. There are days my anxiety down low but things still seem very off. I just fight through it. Please help. It would mean the world to me!

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Mar 19 2014 06:08 PM


At the moment i am researching DP a lot and nothing really suggests that drugs can be an actual cause.

You may not have had childhood trauma, but the fact you were anxious as a child could be the predisposing factor to why you have DP chronically now.

They could be many other components which might not seem like they affected you but internally did, all building up to the point you were triggered.

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Mar 19 2014 06:56 PM

That's what I was thinking that the anxiousness really is the underlying cause and the weed brought out this weird feeling which in return caused all this anxiety which the weird feeling/depersonalization thrives and feasts off of

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Jun 23 2014 01:55 PM

can smoking cause DP? it all depends, what you smoked, THC is prolly the cause of it, hover CBD (which is another chemical in marijuana) does not get you high but relaxes you, which is good for people with anxiety, an since alot of people thing DP is a form of anxiety i think pure strand CBD marijuana could cure DP,
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