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Hey so 5 weeks ago I smoked weed ( I have smoked weed before) but this time was way more traumatizing. I remember suddenly my vision was on low FPS like it was milliseconds behind what I was actually seeing. Then I had a panick attack. I started feeling like Im loosing touch with reality. Like dereleazing. I looked at my friends and everything started looking so different. Like not different it still looked the same but it felt so weird to me. I started seeing like weird 3D. Like 3D on 2D background or something. And I tried to drink water and my hands appeared very small. It felt like I wasn’t in my body. But all this time I still knew that this wasn’t real and probably is just a bad trip that will pass.When I started to calm down It slowly went away but never fully. I still don’t feel like my self etc. like when I’m talking it doesn’t feel like me. and I still have sometimes some of the symptoms like seeing 3D things on a 2D background. What scared me the most is that it happened 2 times ( that the symptoms got very bad again) since then ( even tho I’m completely sober) but in those two times it happened I also Had again fast heart beat and fear kinda like a panick attack. At First I thought those were flashbacks but maybe it were just panick attacks that caused the same symptoms. Also it’s getting worse now. Like when I talk I feel like I’m just listening and not talking like it’s not me talking. And what really freaked( But this symptom just came recently and wasn’t there before) me out was that I was on tik tok and read some comments and the letters started moving from Left to right? And patterns seem so weird to me.Is that a dpdr symptom? I’m scared that I am having Psychosis or schizophrenia?. It feels like I’m going slowly
Crazy. I cant even look at my own hole body because it Scares me so much because it doesn’t feel like it’s my body. And people around me seem not real. All I do is stay in room all day.
omggggf i haveee the saaameee expérience
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