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I can relate to you with the fps thing. Every-time I wach a movie or something its like hard to makeout what is on the screen. Like I have to concentrate really hard or else my eyes or brain just wont process it. Its like everything on the screen merges into one confusing object. Ive watched a lot of dp youtube videos and doctors talking about it and they said that people that are developing schizophrenia dont relize that they have it. So thats a good sign that you dont have schizophrenia. And I basically got dp the same way you got it. I was smoking weed with my friends and then all of a sudden stuff started to seem so different. Like everyone around me was fake and there was so much pressure on me. People freaked me out so much. I could barley get out of bed for like 2 months because I felt frozen. I was too freaked out to do anything or relax. (This has been going on for like 1-2 years btw) The way that I can relax more now is constant exercise. Like fitness type things. The more tired you are the more relaxed i can get. Actually DOING things is so hard but you should try to force yourself to do something. Like it could be taking a walk. Or read a book. Or listen to a book. None of these things will work immediately. Like you would have to train your brain to do these almost everyday. Hope this helps, these are just some things that have helped me a little in the past 2 months mostly. It literally took me like a year to even start doing actual stuff again so try not to put extra pressure on yourself.
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