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Weather affecting DP/DR intensity.

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Do different seasons affect the degree of your DP/DR symptoms? I find heatwaves take any narrow 'realness' DPD has left me with, so I have to wait them out before I can function a bit. High pressure, heat and humidity all increase my DP and DR, then I definitely improve when those weather conditions let up. Meanwhile, this sort of oppressive summer weather seems to act as a 'threat' and also the discomfort of this weather forces a physical presence which my DPD resists. I would say another exacerbating aspect of this is that everything is brighter, more stimulating to the senses on summer, and that 'overloads' my DP/DR.

These effects are significantly difficult ('tropical' days in Britain are not ok with me) but I know the autumn/fall will be some relief.
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The weather affects it for me yeah. Overcast days with light cloud (which is most days where I live) make everything look sort of over saturated like the colour settings are messed up on a tv. Colours seem to jump out at you, especially reds and greens. Certain colours seem to ripple or dance about. I've had this for such a long time otherwise I would be worried I was having mild hallucinations. It's more related to hppd I think. Hypersensitivity of vision. Heightened sensitivity to danger as your system has been in a state of stress and fight/flight/freeze for an extended period. Might not be that reason but that's just a theory. Like everything to do with dp/dr, we are in the dark. No one knows for sure what's happening apart from the obvious link to anxiety and panic.
I think you are probably right that there can a factor of vigilance for danger. So many apparent contradictions on DPRD: sensory numbing but hypersensitivity to light, DPRD 'protecting' yet that leading to more need for vigilance to compensate for DPRD. I do get, at least, some rest from the intensity of it all in the winter and I optimise such times!
Yeah it is a strange condition. The only way I can see it's utility is imagining myself in a traumatic situation where there is danger all around me. In that scenario, being emotionally numb would be better than being an emotional wreck. I see it as your life going on autopilot until you are clear of the danger. I think there is an element of malfunction perhaps as well - when a condition keeps on going beyond it's window of usefulness. Who knows if dp ever really had some use though. I'm yet to hear someone thanking the lord they had dp to help them get through tough times. But then again, maybe us humans don't know what's good for us? We can only experience our own personal subjective perspective which makes it impossible to see what our life would be like without dp following a traumatic event or period of high stress and anxiety. I personally like to think dp has (or had) some utility for humans because it makes the condition seem less threatening, almost normal. The amount of people on this website must surely give an indication that it is a normal part of the human experience. If only there was more information and support out there to reassure people.
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