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Weather affecting DP/DR intensity.

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Do different seasons affect the degree of your DP/DR symptoms? I find heatwaves take any narrow 'realness' DPD has left me with, so I have to wait them out before I can function a bit. High pressure, heat and humidity all increase my DP and DR, then I definitely improve when those weather conditions let up. Meanwhile, this sort of oppressive summer weather seems to act as a 'threat' and also the discomfort of this weather forces a physical presence which my DPD resists. I would say another exacerbating aspect of this is that everything is brighter, more stimulating to the senses on summer, and that 'overloads' my DP/DR.

These effects are significantly difficult ('tropical' days in Britain are not ok with me) but I know the autumn/fall will be some relief.
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During my illness, I never cared for beautiful sunny days which were full of potential. Because I wasn't.

I preferred rainy gloomy days which weren't good for much. Neither was I.
It is an answer to a different question, but I experienced a profound diurnal effect during my depressive episodes. Mornings and early afternoons were very difficult times, with moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety etc.

By mid afternoon, I seemed to have warmed up to life a bit, and I would have the relatively best part of my day until later in the evening when the challenge of insomnia raised it's ugly head in preparation for an attempt at sleep.

The "Diurnal effect" is recognized as a feature of some major depressive episodes. I don't know if they offer an explanation for it.
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I'm six and a half decades now, so I have to comment on the weather changes I have seen during that span. I agree things are not the same and it

worries me. From my perspective, global warming is real and it could prove to be an extinction level event. I don't know if we have enough time to

correct it, and it angers me that people my age and older don't care, because they won't have to deal with the consequences of it for much longer.

I do remember very cold winters with many snowfalls of more than a foot accumulation. I could go hunting in the morning in 4 inches of snow

and come out of the forest at days end with snow above my hips. (40+ inches of accumulation) In the mid 70s, I spent the winter in a forest cabin and the temperature did not

rise above freezing for over 30 days. Now, during late November you might have to contend with mosquitoes.

The century of the internal combustion engine has destroyed our planet, I'm afraid..I would like to live long enough to see the oceans erase the

cities along the US coast line. I think that would be proper punishment for our neglect.
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