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Weather affecting DP/DR intensity.

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Do different seasons affect the degree of your DP/DR symptoms? I find heatwaves take any narrow 'realness' DPD has left me with, so I have to wait them out before I can function a bit. High pressure, heat and humidity all increase my DP and DR, then I definitely improve when those weather conditions let up. Meanwhile, this sort of oppressive summer weather seems to act as a 'threat' and also the discomfort of this weather forces a physical presence which my DPD resists. I would say another exacerbating aspect of this is that everything is brighter, more stimulating to the senses on summer, and that 'overloads' my DP/DR.

These effects are significantly difficult ('tropical' days in Britain are not ok with me) but I know the autumn/fall will be some relief.
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Yes, I find it difficult not to be able to bring my true potential to days. There is more vibrancy to be missing and not feeling in days that are more alive with nature and light. Winter days are definitely easier for me. But....I make it count that I know how I would experience the world in all seasons if I were not in DPRD, so that way I avoid grieving too much, which only puts me in a bad cycle. I meant also, though, that the actual climatic conditions seem to increase DP/DR. There is definitely a factor in that for me.
Weather can significantly worsen my DP/DR, hence my post.

Nights are easier for me too, I would say that is because my divisive derealisation is less challenged then, whereas in the day there is more overwhelming stimulation from light and more happening around me. That jars with my DPD trying to reject everything.

James_80, with my derealisation colours do look altered and estranged to me (but not with hppd, I don't know what that is like). I think you are probably right that there can a factor of vigilance for danger. So many apparent contradictions on DPRD: sensory numbing but hypersensitivity to light, DPRD 'protecting' yet that leading to more need for vigilance to compensate for DPRD. I do get, at least, some rest from the intensity of it all in the winter and I optimise such times!

All the best.
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Thanks for all the replies, weather has always caused some variation in my DP/DR.

James_80, I could almost see DPD as having once been a friend briefly, protecting me from something emotionally intolerable, but then it staying for years makes it itself my greater problem (of course). It is as though DP insists it remaining is crucial. Knowing it is not and that it is unneeded ought to dispel DPD more than that does, a measure of its fundamental mechanism perhaps? It all ends up being a contradictory tangle of vicious circles. I tried to say a bit about that here (my own views).

forestx5, it sounds like a daily challenge with mood varying in different parts of the day. My DPD is more manageable in the afternoon. I have learnt not to take on too much in mornings or evenings. I gain more progress by assiduously waiting for at least some practical awareness in the afternoon and then applying myself to getting on despite DP/DR.

I am also old enough to recall winters that were actually wintry. Background discomfort from climate change is not good and DPD does not seem to numb me to sensing the global concern.

PerfectFifth, no more cold winters in Finland either is unsettling as regards climate change - and also less relief for you as hot weather is more difficult for you. I am hanging on to October, good to know I will improve then.
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