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Weather affecting DP/DR intensity.

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Do different seasons affect the degree of your DP/DR symptoms? I find heatwaves take any narrow 'realness' DPD has left me with, so I have to wait them out before I can function a bit. High pressure, heat and humidity all increase my DP and DR, then I definitely improve when those weather conditions let up. Meanwhile, this sort of oppressive summer weather seems to act as a 'threat' and also the discomfort of this weather forces a physical presence which my DPD resists. I would say another exacerbating aspect of this is that everything is brighter, more stimulating to the senses on summer, and that 'overloads' my DP/DR.

These effects are significantly difficult ('tropical' days in Britain are not ok with me) but I know the autumn/fall will be some relief.
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I find hot weather to be worse. Winter was definitely preferable for me. I'm saying "was" because there aren't really cold winters anymore nowadays here in Finland. There has barely been any snow for years.
*Stuff about climate change*
I also remember when in my childhood we had incredibly cold winters here. Hell, the country was kind of known for that. Now it's funny that the stereotype lives on, but there is basically no winter here at all. Yes, climate change will destroy humanity, or more aptly, humanity will finally pay the bill for its irresponsible and unsustainable way of life. What did we expect? The greenhouse effect has been known for about two centuries, and yet we've done nothing. Fossil fuel companies have been lobbying against all policies that have been in favor of the environment, and continue to do so vehemently. Greed and money always wins at the end because those with money ultimately control everything.

It's over. It's too late to solve climate change now-though as far as I can tell, it was never possible due to how humans evolved to essentially maximize resource hoarding due to the reproductive advantage it provides. The feedback loops are already in effect, emissions keep rising, and on top of that we're slowly running out of resources due to our unsustainable consumption patterns. We're in the endgame of our civilization. These are the last decades before the immensely interconnected superorganism of humanity collapses, and billions (perhaps total extinction) will die due to starvation (total failure of global food system), catastrophic weather events, resource wars, disease, and other problems. Only a real geoengineering miracle could save us at this point-it's not coming.

Many still seem to believe that climate change is some far-away future concern and therefore don't care. They couldn't be more wrong. It's already happening. It's a matter of decades now at best before the shit really hits the fan.

I'd be lying if I said that it's not somewhat depressing to live in a world that is about to end in the near future. Feels like working toward long-term goals is a bit of a waste of time. But it must be done regardless.

To those interested: The Uninhabitable Earth (book)
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