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Weak voice/Voices Change

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Hello this my first time posting after being a lurkers for about 3yrs, I was wondering did anyone have the symptom of having a weak, quite, or very obvious change in voice. If anything I believe my voice is inhibiting me from being social and getting out to do things because of how hard it is to physically speak. Some may say it’s from having social anxiety but I honestly feel really fine being around people. My voice is the only thing that discourages me because I sound so weak and childlike. I am getting a speech therapist very soon I pray they can help, but I’m very curious if anyone else is going through this very thing.
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I’ve had this too. Still do sometimes, when your voice changes pitch (gets a little higher as you talk and you sound “weak”). No doubt it has to do with social anxiety (well, for me). It’s the way you’re pushing your vocal cords

But really if you become overly conscious of it then it might become harder to speak more normal.
Yeah I’m not sure if it’s social anxiety for me because I can be alone in the car singing a song or talking to my dog and this happens, but any tips on how to push my vocals the proper way?
This might be an example of the tail wagging the dog. You claim to have difficulty with speech production? I don’t know you, but that could be the case. Perhaps there is something organic underlying this issue. But it’s also rather obvious that you are self-conscious about it as well, so you are focusing a lot of your attention on your own voice, resulting in it perhaps sounding more “off” in your mind than it really is. The label “social anxiety,” like most psychological abstractions, is so vague as to be practically meaningless. Yeah, you might be anxious around others; most people with any form of perceived physical or functional impairment are to some extent. But it sounds to me like what you are dealing with is not “social anxiety,” but “vocal anxiety” (trademark pending). There are probably two potential solutions to that issue:

1) Seek out a speech therapist in order to attempt to establish a “voice” that brings you confidence, or

2) Simply accept your voice for what it is so as to pay less attention to it, and be less bothered by it, which might help you be more comfortable in social settings.
Thanks for responding to my post! I am definitely going to get a speech therapist to help me out. I feel I am only really conscious of it is because I have videos when I didn’t have dp and I sounded my self so in turn I tend to focus on it a lot. To be quite honest I don’t even think I have dpdr anymore since I have little to none brain fog and is able to connect and resonate with people again. Maybe just lingering symptoms?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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