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The problem with me is that I have been getting a lot of thoughts about spirituality in my head and the worse thing is that when a thought starts I feel compelled to think about about it and resolve it.

Thoughts that other people might wonder about few times in their lifetime while having a philosophical conversation with friends and shrug it off immediately, Ive been thinking all day for last few weeks

This also makes me feel that I have opened up some lock to the universe or discovered some big secret and am now different from others who do not wonder about these matters. Well to be honest deep inside I know this is not the case, a lot of others have wondered about these thoughts but they know it doesnt changes the reality. A buddhist saying goes

'Whatever is is, there is nothing which is not what it is'

So why worry

Anyways the best way to solve this issue is to just shrug off these thoughts just like any normal person would.

So ive been reading online on how to do that and have some points below . Hope this could help someone else too

1. Do not Talk back or rationalize the thoughts

The reason I tend to do so , is I feel that there could be a hidden gem in the thought or something which hasnt been thought by anyone else before. Soon I feel trapped in the thought and then try to negate it.

The best way to to entertainment the thought and then say 'Thats a cool thought' and let it pass. Dont try to rationalize it. This is also the concept of what is called Mindful Meditation.

If at first you get compelled to think about something, you will need to train yourself to just let random thoughts pass through your head by practicing Mindful meditation and soon your brain will learn

2. Give it some Time knowing it will pass

If at all a thoughts tends to trap you , give it some time. Giving it some time is better than trying to run away from a thought. Dont get scared of thoughts.

Keep in mind that you are not the only one thinking about this thought. No matter how weird, strange or out of world it might seem to you, someone somewhere has already thought about this. Even people without DP have pondered over these thoughts that are in your head but the only difference is that it didnt make them anxious.

So just understand that any thought has got a life of its own and it will pass. Maybe it will last for a few hours or max for 2-3 days

3. Distract yourself

You could try distracting yourself. It might or might not work for you but you should certainly give it a try. I have tried doing some big mathematical calculations in my head when i get overwhelmed with thoughts and it has definitely helped me.

You could also try solving a crossword or cleaning up your room

4. Connect with your Senses

Connecting with one or more of our 5 senses could immediately transfer you from thinking mode to being mode.

You could just look around yourself and name everything you see in front of you.

Touch an object in front of you and feel the texture

Play some nice music or concentrate on the sounds you can hear in the environment

go and eat something good or smell something pleasent

5. Admit Powerlessness

If you are still not able to get rid of thoughts in your head, admit the fact that its beyond your control and let them become as loud as they can. Understand the fact that it is a temporary phase of your life and the thoughts will soon go away.

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Oct 15 2015 07:00 AM

Thank you for this it actually sound helpful. I will attempt to apply this to my daily life, its so difficult dealing with the sensations that i feel and also thinking these thoughts at the same time.
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