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Steel your nerve
Guard your soul
Keep in sight
Of your goal
We carry doubt
Know some-thing's wrong
Been lied to
Bought the con
Where there's conflict
There is a lie
Test what you're told
Seek to find
Be wise
like the reed
That bends
In the breeze
Heed everything
Trust nothing
Try what you hear
Test what you're told
Endure, endure
Silent warriors we
Our need simple
To be how to be
Open heart
Dear beloved
Is the way
Of true courage

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The Way of the Warrior, if one is stout,
Is to wave a sword, and give a shout

Boast of the conquest, before it is had,
Instill great fear, in those who are sad

The Way of the Warrior, if one is timid,
Is to hold one's stand, and imagine the vivid

With quiet defense, to maintain the fence,
Ridged with power, thoughout the long hour

The Way of the Warrior, if one is hurt,
Shaking the dirt, hardly time to give a flirt

Anger quells pain, then actions the same,
Tit-for-tat, you dirty rat, take THAT

The Way of the Warrior, if one is hired,
One gives little thought about being fired

The pay is the goal, to act without soul,
To perform the role, and take great toll

The Way of the Warrior, when one is cornered,
Is to lunge at the throat, with a quick move forward

To disable, disorient, to stun and flee,
The heart races hard, long after we're free

The Way of the Warrior, if one is diseased,
Is to face all odds, until one is pleased

To redefine success, isn't a sin,
And with such adjustment, many do win

The Way of the Warrior, whomever we are,
Is to reach long and hard, the farthest star

To defend, to advance, to not shat our pants,
We are much more than small army ants

The Way of the Warrior, when one is DPed,
Is up to each one, to march as a steed

With breath and life, to push against strife
Peace to obtain, whatever we gain

The war we may not have invited,
But here we are now incited

May each one soon be delighted,
And no longer be so blighted
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