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Waterproof Aardvarks and regression

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Waterproof Aardvarks and Regression?

I?m not sure exactly what kind of ?suggested links? this title is going to produce, lol?but I?m sure the internet linking systems are having a field day with it. (you know, the ?ads? that appear at the top of the forum, always trying to ?link? to something ?it? thinks we?re interested in based on the key words used in thread titles. Ex: somebody asks about bipolar disorder, then four links to bipolar sites automatically appear at the top, trying to lure the interested parties to their web material)

There is a point to this, lol?

That?s precisely what happens inside your brain when you have Powerful Obsessive Thoughts. Your mind is ?linking? to other equally bizarre and disturbing material as if it is saying ?oh, okay?you?re interested in Infinity and the idea of self-annihilation?.let me see what else I can come up with from my database?? Then suddenly you?ve got a few dozen more ?ideas? along the same line, pulling and prodding and competing for your attention, asking you to click on them to visit their sites.

But it gets worse for us. Once a person is in a kind of ?regressed? state ? which most of us are here ? where we are feeling highly anxious or obsessive or majorly depressed?..our emotions are TOO accessible, but our sense of ?self? or Conscious Connection to the emotions are too remote. Anyway, in that regressed state, you don?t even have to ?click on? the suggested material your brain comes up with ? the regression is an AUTOmatic linker ? you have a creepy thought and the mind finds all related thoughts and then DIRECTLY takes you into those thoughts (no ?selecting? required).

That?s why a person in a regressed state feels so nuts. We feel like we have NO control over our feelings or thinking because it all happens so fast ? we don?t get to CHOOSE a thought or related idea, our brain chooses FOR us?and yanks us into pop up websites that we never asked to visit.

Point is, that?s why it is SO important not to indulge in the creepy thoughts even for an instant. When we feel a bit stronger (safer) we ?re-activate? those links as if to prove to ourselves that we ?can handle it? now?.it?s the kiss of death. Suddenly, the regression resurfaces and we are bombarded by ALL the ?suggested links? that pull us directly into the related ideas before we have a chance to think.

The way out of this: FORCE yourself as much as humanly possible NOT to indulge in the obsessive bizarre ideas. You won?t always succeed. Most of the time you won?t succeed. But for the 2 per cent of the time that you DO, that is 2 per cent closer to recovery.

It ain?t easy at all, trust me. But it works. And it takes enormous patience and will power. It will also free your mind and give you your life back if you can stick with it and really really WORK at rejecting those thoughts before your entire hard drive is loaded with more terrifying material of unreality.
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I was very disappointed to see the Bipolar Ads at the top. I really thought it might put up a link to a zoo or nature reserve. :lol:

I think this might be what Clare Weeks talks about in terms of 'grooves' in your thought processes. That certain thoughts are triggered by memory, fear and habit and you get stuck in a rut that you make deeper yourself. Once well away and out of the rut and you have worked out the reasons that drove you into the rut, it becomes easier to resist the obsessions. One day it won't even occur to you. The frustrating thing is, once a habit is formed, you may know that it is counterproductive but by then it is soooo difficult, the harder you try to concentrate on not thinking about it etc etc :roll: :?

It is very hard work to not follow those thought processes. I really do think that some kind of 'therapy' in order to understand why we do the things you do, is the best longterm solution. Not for everyone, granted, but for those with deeper psychological issues.
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