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Hey guys, been reading some of your stories, and thought id finally post my own.
This starts back in the last couple of months of my senior year of highschool. Basically, wasnt depressed, didnt have any crazy anxiety, and didnt have panic attacks. Drank a lot, and smoked pot occasionally. One night, in aprill 2004, i was drinking with some friends and ended up huffing on a joint that was split between about 7 of us. After i smoked, about 30 minutes, i started feeling really shitty(similar to the feeling if youve had WAY WAY too much to drink, and dont know whats going on around you). Anyways, i had tons of difficulty making any conversation with the people around me, and ended up crashing out early. The next day i woke up, and everything felt pretty much back to normal, except what i thought was a hangover. Anyways, not thinking much of it, I got through most of the day, and ended up going to dinner with my mom, and there i noticed something was definitely screwed up. I was talking to her but everything in the restaurant looked really wierd, like everything was brighter than it should have been. After that, the madness began, and currently im left with these chronic symptoms.

- Feeling of unreality
- Distortion in the way things look(a puky neon glare is on everything)
- For a while, it sounded when i was in a big crowd like the voices of people talking were spiraling around me(not sure if this is happening anymore, because i havent felt right in over a year)
- Inability to think straight (when im trying to do homework, my mind keeps coming up completely blank)
- Unable to focus vision on an object
- Very uncomfortable feeling in my body(gets worse when im trying to sleep, and feels like my body is hollow), that makes it sometimes impossible for me to fall asleep(it's like im laying in an uncomfortable position or something)
- Motion sickness
- Feels like everything im trying to look at is moving slightly, like there's an earthquake happening
- Tons of dreams when i actually do fall asleep
- after playing video games, if i close my eyes, i can see the video game being played over and over in my mind
- Unable to concentrate in school, and sometimes even unable to hold a conversation because i cant listen to what the person is saying.
- I have kind of a tunnel vision sort of feeling, and my whole head feels like it's pulling to the left
- Cant decipher time periods, seems like 1 hour is an eternity, and things that happened earlier in the day are ancient history
- tightness in my neck, and eye strain headaches

I have felt better about 2 months into the sickness, where everything but the vivid dreams and eye strain headaches disappeared.
Have had a ridiculous amount of Neuro workups as well as any other workup under the sun. Take trazedone to make me fall asleep, and have taken welbutrin, lexapro, klonopin... all of which seem to do absolutely no good

If anyone else has drug related dp/dr i'd like to get in touch with them and talk a little about it. my email is [email protected] or my aol is crnmk2
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