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I know I have mentioned TFT many times but it is not fair of me to mention it without saying how to do it.

If you can try this please do. And please let me know if it has any positive effect.

Ok, I'll try to explain what to do.

Here is a picture of the different points to tap. Once you know them you wont need to refer to this any more.
(I dont know what is in this site I just put this page cause of the diagrams)

basically EFT is tapping on all the points and TFT is tapping on a different combination of a few of them. TFT is more advanced.

Lets start

1. Think about the problem. For this example choose a fear cause i will show u the points for fear. Do all the steps whilst thinking about the problem. Think of a description of the problem whilst tapping the points. e.g."my fear of going outside" or simply "going outside". Whatevr describes it best to you.

2. Rate it on a scale of one to ten. 10= worst

3. Tap the side of any hand onto you hand or leg 10 times (karate chop point) whilst thinking about the problems description.

4. Tap the point under your eye where the bone is 10 times, thinking about the problems description - UE

5. Tap under your arm 10 times on the side of your body in line with your nipple still thinkng about the problems description. -UA

6. tap your collarbone point 10 times an inch down and an inch across still thinking about the problem. -CB

7. do the nine gamut sequence (thats what its called) whilst thinking about the problem.

This is how.
The 9 Gamut Procedure: Continuously tap on the spot indicated (the point on the back of your hand which makes a small triangle with the knuckles of the last 2 fingers) and perform each of these 9 actions.

1. Close eyes,
2. Eyes open,
3. Eyes hard down right,
4. Eyes hard down left,
5. Roll Eyes Clockwise
6. Roll Eyes anti-clockwise,
7. Hum 2 seconds of a song,
8. Count to 5,
9. Hum 2 seconds of a song.

8. Repeat steps 4,5 & 6 of the tapping section. eg the first sequence

Rate your problem on a scale of 1-10.

If it has gone down then repeat the entire sequence until you get to zreo.

If it hasn't gone down then it is not the right combination of points ( there are a few for fear, what I wrote above is one of the main one.)

This site also explains it:

The diffent combinations of points for different problems are in a book so I can't wirte them all, but if you want I can email you a simple chart of the different sequences.

I know it sounds complicated at first, but after a few times you can do it with your eyes shut! It has helped me with most of my problems.

Its worth buying the book called "tapping the healer within" which explains it in detail.

There are sequences for fear, apanic, grief, love pain , depression, physical pain, anxiety, phobias etc.

Please let me know what happens when you try it.


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Im really freaking out about going to work today - personal issue, and i did this tapping thing and I really don't feel as bad about it anymore. cool trick.

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I think my brain just died.

I find that TFT is never permanent it only releases stuff temperarily. But it DOES work. I think it loosens up energy blocks/flow. It can feel gross though. It shows how clogged we are though. It can make me delerious...
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