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Hi everyone,

Just to get this disclaimer out of the way before i start: I feel terrible, and have for the last 5 months. The dp was undoubtedly brought on by anxiety this time around (i've had this intermittently for most of my life), and for the last 5 months i've been entertaining ridiculously paranoid delusions (or rather, they've been "entertaining" me, in the same way a Dario Argento horror film might entertain me).

Anyway, i can see why i'm in the situation that i'm in...i've drenched myself in banality for the past few months and i'm one that requires an enormous amount of stimulation. I "see" a therapist now who is quite helpful with putting my disorder in perspective, and giving me weekly injections of hope and encouragement. Last week, i stopped taking the drug "Remeron" which helps assuage anxiety symptoms, but ended up making me feel way too detached to continue using it.

But here's the latest: The past say, 5 days, i've been having very strange dreams...i mean, not dreams per se. But i'll work myself up into such a state of anxiety in bed that it becomes over-powering...i shuffle in my sleep, and even wake up at night still glued to the shadow of my dream (an example would be last night, whereby i think i was dreaming about being trapped in a prison or something and i got up to adjust my window, half-thinking that i needed to do it because of my dream). I don't really know how to explain this. I guess reality and anxiety-fueled dreams seem to be merging more frequently. When i wake up in the morning, the cord is cut, and i'm just back to the usual anxiety/dp, but damn these nights are becomming hard.

Has anyone experienced this, and does anyone have any advice as to what to do or how they extricated themselves from the situation. Also, has anyone experienced withdrawl symptoms from ssris that have lasted over a week?

Thanks a lot kids...any input would be appreciated.


The only way I can explain it is this: when we get into those massive anxiety states (especially on the heels of stopping a drug) the veil between the worlds become thinner.

Sleep and waking life has a flimsier boundary.

Dreams and consciousness feel connected. The sharp line that usually separates them is blurred. WE are blurred.

It's a blending of primary and secondary process thinking, and it's actually NORMAL in some mind states (sadly, massive anxiety being one). Your different levels of consciousness are not operating so differently right now, and they are "accessing" each other more freely.

Also, if you're in therapy and if you're doing any kind of decent work, that can activate the blurring of those lines in dreams, too. It's like you're activating the unconscious more - which can make you not know as easily if you're still dreaming or awake (as you transition).
It's temporary.


Sebastian i know what your saying, alot of my dreams are very vivid & sometimes when i first wake up it still kinda feels like im almost dreaming. Also ive had Sleep Paralysis, which is the worst! Thankfully i haven't had any in the last few weeks & hopefully i won't have any more. Its a horrible feeling.
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