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walking on air

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when you guys walk does it feel like you are walking on air. i feel that way big time. and like i feel like real small like a midget, cuz i don't feel my body. it feels like the ground is a foot down instead of like 5 feet something. it's really weird. i just don't understand how this can happen to anyone. to not feel your body. i also know if i didn't go away to college i wouldn't have been tempted to smoke any more than that 1 time i tried it, cuz thats all everyone in college does and talks about, so i decided it couldn't be that bad. i get what they mean when they say just say no to drugs cuz they can do s*it like this to you or at least trigger something. i would have been a very functional neurotic if i didn't do drugs. life would have been good.
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for me, crying is a big help. it makes me feel more normal.

on a side note; isn't it wierd how a lot of our symptoms sound like good things..."i feel like i'm walking on air"...that sounds nice...even though for us, it is terrifying.
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