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i sometimes awake from a deep sleep and im in a panic state...its like im in between sleep an being awake and my thoughts are so confused.. im usually able to drift back to sleep because if i get up in that state of mind its hell.... when i wake up in the morning im ok and can remember the incident but it was like a dream but i know it happened... anyone else have this...Doug

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Sometimes I wake up at around 1.00am-3.00am. I go to the bathroom and feel really scared of something. Normally, I fall to sleep again after a minute, and in the morning, "everything" is forgotten - only, I still remember!

My guess is, that it's just some of the anxiety from the daytime, that really shines through during the night, in your sleep and deep dreams. And if you awake at the wrong moment, you get this scary feeling in the middle of the night.

Sorry, I'm no Sigmund Freud, it's just my uneducated guess!

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i wake up quite a bit in the night and get these waking up in a panic state feeling...

takes me ages to get back to sleep...

i think it is just because you are still in a sleep mode but woken up suddenly or with no reason...

my dp and dr go crazy in that randomly woken state in the middle of the night...

not nice...

when i wake properly in the morning i can remember how i felt and what it was like but it feels very dreamy...

well everything feels very dreamy at the moment...
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