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Waiting For A Rainbow.

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Dear gem;
I'm sorry about your Father and the other worries/fears tha are in your heart. I know this migt sound crazy but I used to pray to Mom who had passed when shortly afterwards other things piled up. Someone told me that since she was not in our form anymore, that she (my Mom) was now in a positon to really send healing our way, and that she probably wanted to more than anything. So I would talk to her. I started seeing those white butterflies whenever I thought of her. I also think she's sending me strength or jus a hello someimes when I find pennies heads-up anywhere. I do have a strong sense she is free and in much better shape than I...which was not the case b-4 she passed. If none of this is helpful, just know grief takes it's own course and time. Maybe when you do see rainbows it's your Dad saying all is well.. So, I'm thinking of you, take good care, thanks for giving us a chance to give back to you or try to.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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