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Wacking up in an anxiety attack!?

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What is going on here!
Ok I have posted several times about my DR being gone mostly. Well as things in my life continue to stress me out and my anxiety grows it is creeping its way back in!
I first wanna say how proud I am of myself! I went to an amusement park yesterday! A HUGE step for me! I have yet to venture to a place so big and crowded because of my anxiety! I went and had a good time! All day my anxiety was sorta eating at me though.. not a ton but some... and the DR just barely began to creep in as the day wound down!
Last night I was feelin stressed when I layed down at 11. I fell right asleep! I woke up at 3am in the midst of an anxiety attack?! I woke suddenly and freaked out. Must have been a bad dream? I dont remember dreaming so I am guessing. Then I saw I was at home and layed down and tried to go back to sleep. I layed in bed awake for at least a half hour with my stomach totally in nots and freaking out in my head! Thinking about the days events. How I felt yesterday, just knowing I am totally loosing it, and so on!! Why for the life of me all this happened I couldnt tell you! All I wanted was to go back to sleep and my mind just kept reeling itself down this path!? It was horrible! Finally I went to the living room and layed on the couch watching tv till I calmed down and fell asleep!
Anyone wake up in an anxiety attack like this before? Anyone know what the hell is going on!? Janine, any thoughts???
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My latest attack of DR/DP started like this: I woke up in a semi conscious dream state and freaked up, I WAS FREAKING OUT LIKE MAD! Since that day i have felt unreal and lost. Like I'm not real or even awake. I wake up many days with a raging panic attack and anxiety.
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