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I know I'm going to get it for posting a title like that....but whoever you vote for, just vote. 2000's election was decided by 535 votes, so every one counts this year.

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I voted. If anyone knows me, or has visited my site, I'm sure you know who I voted for. At least I canceled out Kari's vote!
peacedove said:
I canceled out your vote Crumbles.
Well, it looks like it doesn't matter, Bush won the state I'm in. So that's all my vote can do.
enngirl5 said:
Crumbles why do you say Democrats are less likely to be individuals and are followers? I see it as the exact opposite. Just curious on your thoughts behind this.
Because democrats want to take from the successful, and give it to themselves. They don't want to have to work harder at things, they feel like they are entitled to it without having to earn it.

If you want to read a lot of arguments I had back and forth, you can read them here so I don't have to type them out all over again: ... ge=1&pp=10
1 - 3 of 80 Posts
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