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I know I'm going to get it for posting a title like that....but whoever you vote for, just vote. 2000's election was decided by 535 votes, so every one counts this year.

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There will be no draft, SoulBrotha. Only two Democrats in the House introduced bills to reinstate the draft and the members rejected the bills big time. MTV / Rock the Vote / Democratic Party did their best to scare young voters, by thinking they'd be drafted, but it didn't work.
dakotajo said:
Its a crime... looks like 4 more years with the war monger. God help us all.
LOL. Emotion. Emotion. Emotion.
The one question that goes unanswered is this:

Why, during the mid to late 90s was a little known terror organization known as al-Qaeda allowed to grow and grow and grow into what it became by 2000 or 2001?

After all, you had the first WTC bombing, the Khobar Towers and USS Cole bombings, etc. PRIOR to 9/11/01.

Then, Bush is in the WH for 8 months and *he's* the one who dropped the ball?!

That's too much.
I have a good liberal friend who needed a ride to vote yesterday. He was sleepy and didn't want to vote, but I insisted he vote. I offered to drive him to his precinct since his sister had his car.

I didn't care that he was voting for Kerry. The point is that if you're 18 to 24, register and then VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! Get involved in the political process.

Fewer than one in 10 voters yesterday were 18 to 24 (source: USA Today) -- that is sad. Less than 10 percent turnout for that age group.

If the Democratic Party wants to become relevent again, it needs to do better at attracting young people to register to vote. That is, attracting them, not using false scaremongering tactics, i.e., the draft, to frighten them (which only subsequently pisses them off, after they find it was 2 DEMOCRATS who wanted to bring the draft back, not Republicans).
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Dreamer wrote:

"The worst thing Bush did was justify the Iraq invasion with a connection to 9/11. We may all disagree about what happened, but all events were inevitable. It was a matter of time."

Kerry said on 9/21 during a campaign speech that we now know there were no connections between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

He must not have read the Senate Intelligence Committee Report or the 9/11 Commission Report, both of which cited the many connections between Iraq and AQ.

A high ranking Iraqi Fedayeen soldier attended at least one pre-planning 9/11 meeting with AQ.

Saddam knew 9/11 was coming and where we were going to be hit.

Even the Clinton Justice Department was able to obtain an indictment against bin Laden which cited the terrorist's ties to Iraq.

A federal judge has granted two 9/11 families a multi-million dollar judgement - against Iraq.

During the 90's, the mainstream press wrote about the world's alarm at the growing relationship between Saddam and Osama bin Laden. The Old Media thinks we can't look these things up.

Here's a great read on the topic of 9/11 and the Saddam connection:

Saddam Warned of WTC Attack Before 9/11, Praised bin Laden Afterward
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