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I know I'm going to get it for posting a title like that....but whoever you vote for, just vote. 2000's election was decided by 535 votes, so every one counts this year.

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Crumbles why do you say Democrats are less likely to be individuals and are followers? I see it as the exact opposite. Just curious on your thoughts behind this.
Married Women
1. Moral Values
2. Terrorism
3. Economy

Single Women
1. Economy
2. Terrorism
3. Moral Values

This is in order of how women felt on issues.
I agree that calling one group or the other "followers" is a stupid generalization. I was just pissed last night when I saw that on his website that dem's are sheep. And I agree there are plenty of intelligent repub's. I just happen to live in the part of the country where people are voting for Bush because they hate gays, hate welfare, and don't want their gun rights taken away. And of course are blood thirsty.
It's funny Dreamer because you talk about money problems and both of your parents were doctors so I know you get the stereotype as well. "Oh both of her parents were physicians, so she MUST have money."
As for Paris Hilton, yeah she doesn't have to work but she prolly gets bored. "Work" and what she does are entirely different things. She does what she wants to do. Opening a club, writing a book, acting, perfume line, etc. She does these things for basically hobbies and to be more famous. She doesn't work like the rest of us do. We do things we hate because we need money. I'm sick to death of school and sitting up all night studying and doing projects but I don't have any other choice. I wanted to major in something other than what I'm majoring in but I need to be able to get a job when I get out of school. I know you should major in what your passion is but I see people do this all the time that get out and are like, "Ok, what am I supposed to do now." If I could go open a club and start a clothing line or be an actor, hell yeah, but come on, we don't all have that opportunity. Stella McCartney, she started a clothing line. Wouldn't it be great if we could all just do whatever we wanted for work? I'm jealous now. :cry:
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1 - 4 of 80 Posts
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